Transformation Workbook

by Bettye B. Binder

Life Lessons as Challenges for Personal Growth.

New Workbook!

This workbook contains 176 pages of exercises that have helped hundreds of people resolve this-lifetime problems.

Are you stressed, tired, anxious, overworked, frustrated you can't get what you want no matter how hard you try? Are you afraid to speak up for fear of losing your job or marriage/relationship? Does your boss, work associate, husband/wife/significant other remind you of one of your parents? Are you powerless to make him/her change? Have you experienced personal crisis: divorce, the death of a loved one, loss of employment? Are your beliefs about money and self-worth preventing you from getting what you really want?

TRANSFORMATION WORKBOOK provides practical, simple-to-follow exercises and examples to help you solve these everyday problems and turn them into opportunities for personal transformation, happiness and achievement. Don't pass up this opportunity to make your life better. These exercises have benefited thousands of people. They can help you, too!

The author, Bettye B. Binder, has been a gifted teacher, trainer, counselor for more than 21 years.


Bettye began creating it for classes in 1983 and she has refined its contents many times to respond to the needs and questions of her students. Based on metaphysical and psychological priciples, it is an effective tool for a lifetime of learning and self-improvement.


Transformation Workbook Price $19.99 US dollars plus shipping and handling.


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