Volume 1: The Spirit Universe


by Bettye Binder

teacher - author - past life regressionist


Ed Monroe

teacher - author - trans-channeler

Copied with Bettye Binderís permission. All information listed here is copywrited and is not to be reproduced in any manner without the expressed written authorization of the author. Thank You.


In their first collaborative effort, the authors combine their quarter century of experience as teachers, researchers, meditators and practitioners of ancient metaphysical arts to co-write an amazing new book which connects two interrelated worlds: the discovery of past lives and the experience of spirit communication.

This book is not just a reprint of Bettye's earlier book, Discovering Your Past Lives and Other Dimensions [published in 1994].

In addition to old favorites from the earlier book, such as deja vu, 'soul mates' and how past-life relationships influence you now, the authors have written several new chapters of never-before- published information.


Their Topics Include:

what is the spirit universe and how does it function?

what are monastic spirits?

what are the connections among spirit, soul and personality?

how was the Karmic Board created and how does it work today?

how do spirits elevate into higher dimensions?


By reading this book, you will have access to information obtained from conversations with Ed's spirit guides including passages quoted directly from transcripts of trans-channeling sessions in which Ed's guides speak through him and answer questions Bettye addresses to them. This exciting dialogue has never before appeared in print anywhere.

Bettye and Ed are also currently writing volume two which will be available for sale by late summer 2006.

This book is for both the beginner and the advanced student of metaphysics.

Don't miss out on this fascinating exploration of the aetheric realms which are present and available to us in physical reality, here and now.


Discover Your Past Lives and Other Dimensions of Your Spirituality

Volume 1: The Spirit Universe

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Discover Your Past Lives and Other Dimensions of

Your Spirituality Volume 1: The Spirit Universe


The following excerpts were taken from Bettye's Preface

[written December 2005]

and reprinted here with her permission.

Bettye's Preface

by Bettye Binder

A lot has happened in the eleven years since I wrote Discovering Your Past Lives and Other Dimensions. Significant changes have taken place in my life and work since 1994 when I self-published that book to make my life as a teacher easier. To my surprise, it and other books I wrote between 1985 and 1994, including Past Life Regression Guidebook, were selling faster than chocolate chip cookies at New Age bookstores, expos and conferences. This revealed a thirst for metaphysical knowledge and meditations that empowered people to explore their own past lives.

Belief in reincarnation, spirit guides, angels, ghosts, out-of-body experiences, meditation, hypnosis and trans-channeling has skyrocketed in recent years. According to a Gallup poll in 1991 about 25 percent of Americans believed they had lived past lives. Later polls indicated more than 40 percent believed they had lived before. The popularity of TV programs, such as Sightings, for which I was privileged to be interviewed in three segments in the early 1990's, further validated survey results. Metaphysics had become marketable and even profitable..........

What has changed most for me since 1994 is where and how the study of metaphysics has applied to my daily life. How the experience of my past lives has expanded my conscious mind to reveal new avenues for me to follow during my waking state......

For example, in summer 1995 and spring 1996, my Guides began to 'download' spontaneous memories about an ancient pan-Pacific civilization known today as 'Lemuria' [although that was not what its residents called it]. In 2002 and 2004, I wrote and self-published two books under my Guides' direction and assistance. They are: Meditations About Lemuria and Lemurian Reunion, A Modern Tale of Time Travel and Merging Timelines. [Both are available for sale on this web site.]

Meditations for the first book occurred in the hypnogogic state [that state between sleep and waking] over a three-month period in spring 1996. Meditations for the second book occurred, for the most part, while I was typing on my computer keyboard between October 2003 and December 2004.......

My message to you, the reader, is this: Enjoy the process of discovering your past lives and the other dimensions of your spirituality that are ever present in your daily life - present right now! Take the time to tune into the messages they convey, and let your inner Self - the Spirit who is your real Self - communicate with your about their meaning!

Let life become a meditation! Truly, a world of wonder awaits you!


Take a look inside this book!!!


picture of new front cover.


Discover Your Past Lives and Other Dimensions of Your Spirituality

Volume 1: The Spirit Universe

Table of Contents

Bettye's Preface

Introducing Ed

The Journey Begins My Spirit Guides

My Spiritual Path


My Staff

The World of Spirit/Soul/Personality

What is Spirit?


Monastic Spirits

Soul Personality

The Karmic Board

Spirit Guides


Charlathena in her own words

The Dimensions and the Continua First, Some Definitions Dimensions

The Continua Seeing Outside the 'Fish Tank'

Numbering the Continua High versus Low Vibrations

The Non-Physical Continua Life in the Different Continua Soul Family

The Route of Spirit Advancement

One With the Crystal Universe

Other Definitions

Akashic Record

Amnesia Karma

False Guilt Regression Spirit's Goals

The Danger of Ouiji Boards

Psychic Protections

Defining When Spirit is Out of Body


Cyclical Time

Simultaneous Time


Walk-ins / Soul Exchanges

Karma and Spirit Elevation

Karmic Review

Karmic Choices "Good Karma" vs "Bad Karma"

Free Will

Some Choices Spirits Have Made

Spirits Move in Groups

My Mother in Spirit Have I Known You Before?

Does This Describe You?

Four Varieties of Deja Vu

"Soul Mates" vs "Spirit Mates"

Discovering Past-Life Influences

Four Key Questions

Additional Resources

One Extra Consideration

The Astrologer From Outer Space

[Note: meditations included in the 1994 edition have been rewritten and new ones added; they will all be included in volume two.]

Discover Your Past Lives and Other Dimensions of Your Spirituality

Volume 1: The Spirit Universe

[160 pages] $20.00 plus shipping and handling

International Orders are welcome.



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