Meditations About Lemuria


Was the ancient continent of Lemuria fact or fiction?

Did it actually exist on lush volcanic islands, criss-crossing the Pacific Ocean?

If so, when did it exist and how did it meet its demise?

Was a deadly extraterrestrial war fought in the skies over this ancient continent?

Are recent discoveries of huge stone structures in the Pacific & I

Indian Oceans remnants of Lemuria?

And was Lemuria really the mother civilization on planet Earth?

The author, Bettye Binder addressed these profound questions in
meditation [1995-96] and reexamined them in
a series of essays written in the summer of 2002.

Meditations About Lemuria

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 spiral-bound paper 40 pp 9 color illus.
16 b&w illus. ISBN 1879005-212

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Bettye B. Binder

A reincarnation teacher-author since 1980, Bettye
has facilitated 3800 past life regressions with indi-
viduals and taught 24,000 people in past-life recall
workshops. From 1993-1997, she was President

of Ass’n. for Past-Life Research & Therapies [now
Int’l. Ass’n. for Regression Research & Therapy].

She has been honored in Who’s Who in America,
World Who’s Who of Women
and other publica-
tions. She spoke at Whole Life Expos for 10 years
and has been interviewed on TV, radio and in print.

Bettye is the author of four other books:
Past Life Regression Guidebook,
How Our Past Lives Influence Us Now
Discover Your Past Lives and Other Dimensions

Transformation Workbook, Life Lessons as
Challenges for Personal Growth
Finding Your Purpose Through Astrology Workboo

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